Aluminum Auto Body Repair Challenges

In an effort to give passengers excellent car performance while meeting government regulations on fuel efficiency, automotive manufacturers have turned to aluminum use. The material is lighter, thus making it easier to mold and economical in energy consumption without sacrificing speed.

Aluminum Characteristics

Aluminum is a low-density and light material. It’s highly malleable, tensile, and resistant to corrosion. It’s even a good conductor and also recyclable. Although aluminum is ideal for cars, there are still challenges that accompany this material. Because they are lighter and thinner, heat absorption is faster which is riskier for vehicles under hot and dry season. Because it’s malleable, it’s more prone to wear and tear, folds, and breakage. For drivers, these shortcomings meant extra care. For auto shops, these meant higher skills and better tools.

What Auto Shops Can Do

Auto shops, small or big, have to adapt to the changes in the automotive industry. Aluminum auto body repair requires different techniques and tools because of the distinct qualities of the material. Technicians have to be trained about the right power settings and melting points when welding aluminum. Knowledge and trainings, needless to say, are the best interventions an auto shop can do besides investing in tools.

Tools also have to vary because again, aluminum is relatively thinner and sensitive to heat and breakage. Tools and machines have to be specifically designed for aluminum, such as those with Pulsed MIG welding capabilities and with minimum 230 volts. Failure to invest in these machines can result to quality issues, damaging not just the customer’s cars but also the shop’s credibility.

The cleaning system is also totally different. There’s an extra care needed when handling aluminum materials, such as the application of solvent on the surface prior to welding. The cleaning gets even more critical and challenging when the vehicle has been exposed to impurities like oil and dirt. All boils down then to having technicians equipped with skills and knowledge in handling¬†aluminum auto body repair.

That is how critical it is to choose the right auto shop for your car, especially that aluminum is increasingly becoming common in the industry.





Keep The Car Clean

A car is an important asset for many people, and it is necessary to maintain it properly in order to avoid unnecessary complications. This does not mean sending the vehicle to service at the right time and taking care of the parts of it. This also includes cleaning of the cabin inside the car that is skipped by many owners. When a car is seen, one can find many unnecessary materials like tissue papers, wrappers, napkins, old water bottles on the seat and floor of the car. A person never skips to maintain his living place it might be the hall, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom but he does not take the same care for this vehicle, and this is not appreciable.


Here are some practices that will help in keeping the vehicle clean. First of all, keep a garbage bag and put all the wastes inside it so that it will be very easy to throw it away. Wipe all the hard surfaces like the door, dashboards, and so on in a regular basis and this will prevent dust inside the car. If required, some cleaning material can be used for this cleaning work. Before using the cleaning liquid, apply it on a small surface and check it does not affect the car.

There are small vacuum cleaners available in the market, and this will be very handy in order to clean the softer surfaces in an efficient manner. Even very small dust particles stuck on the floor can be removed using this method. This will also remove the dust that cause allergy. Wash the car regularly and it is not a very tough job. This has to be done especially after the rain, driving through muddy or dusty roads. In the winter seasons, this wash will help in removing the ice and salt sticking to the vehicle.

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Important And Useful Car Shopping Tips

Many people will love to buy a car, and here are some wonderful tips that will help in buying the car in an efficient manner. It is necessary to do some homework before meeting the dealer. First of all, list the requirements of the car and then try to find the right match online from the best dealers. A very easy and quick way to do this work is to check the inventories and official websites of the dealers where the prices and other details regarding the car will be available in a detailed manner. The contact numbers will also be available, and they will be very handy to confirm the information before making the direct visit.

It will bcar-buying-tips1e a very good idea to visit the dealer during the off hours like the weekend afternoons as it will be the time when there will be very few customers. This way, you will get the expected attention from the salesman easily. If the visit is made during the prime hours, then the needed details cannot be collected in an efficient manner and the satisfaction level will also be very low. In case, if a person is in an idea of buying the used cars, then the search should also be done accordingly. There are numerous websites that concentrate only on the second-hand car sales. In such places, there will be more options for the customer when compared to the other websites.


Even special offers can be got in such places. In case, if there is any doubt regarding the deal or car, then it can be clarified through phone calls or it can also be cleared with the help of direct visit. Always compare with some other dealers in the market too before finalizing the deal as it will give the real picture and clear idea about the value of the car in the market.

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