The tire is a very important part of the car. In fact, it is responsible for the smooth and safe movement of the car on the road. As a matter of fact, this is a part that is ignored by many drivers. Tires will be using a lot of complex engineering components. There are numerous types of tires available in the market, and the right one should be chosen according to the specifications mentioned in the model of the car and the season of the place. Here is a small comparison between the normal tire and snow tire.

The main factors that have to be noted while selecting the tire will be the material of make tread depth and tread pattern. As everyone knows the common make of the tire is rubber, but the formula for each of the tire will vary according to the requirement. The all-season tire will be using the most stable formula in the market so that it does not get damaged in various seasons. During the winter season, it will be hardened so that dry and wet handling can be done and during the warm seasons it will soften so that the expected wear can be handled. This change will happen according to the surrounding temperature.

Steel belts will be used in some tires as it will help in strengthening the mechanical structure of the tire. Even nylon belts are used for this purpose. In the winter tires, this belt will be compulsory. Tread patterns will play a vital role in the tire as it will be responsible to keep the car on the road without any skidding. There are numerous shapes and sizes in the tread patterns, and this will be the prime difference between snow and normal tire. 6/32″ of tread depth will be suitable for snow tires and 11/32″ is the maximum depth for the normal tire. Usually 2/32″ is the minimum tread depth for safe driving.